Life  is  not  about  only  winning, it  is  also  about  losing.  


We have made maintaining our status as very, very important, and playing is unimportant. Here there are two kinds of sadhana – internal and external.  


The inward sadhana is to  realize – you are No-body*, so  you  can go beyond your loss and gain phenomenons. Now, the  outer  aspect  of  life  becomes  a  play.  


To play – you require players, you cannot play alone, you need a sangha. To play cricket, people who want to play cricket have to get together. But, if one wants cricket, another wants basketball, they cannot play. Life has become like that. This man plays his own game, that man another, and nobody  comes  to  play  together.  


When you come together to play, a new variety, a new possibility happens. When people around you want to play, your life becomes beautiful.  So  start  playing…….  


Just be willing to play, be willing to lose! Be willing to learn, to make things happen, things which never happened before. Take challenges never taken before and  then  life  is  wonderful.

When you want guaranteed success, then you –  work.  


When you are willing to lose,  it  becomes  a – play.