Going Beyond Judgment

Party at our Churchgate house

It was in the early 90’s, it was a year since I had finished my SSY. One day Guruji called me and Nina to inform that he was coming over to stay for a night as he was on his way to Dehri Ashram via Mumbai. We were delighted and overwhelmed that day.

However, we were in a dilemma since there was a big party to be hosted at the house that day. Ours being a typical Punjabi family, we were having a dinner with lots of drinks being served, many would be smoking, and people in a very different state of consciousness would be present .

We were wondering how Guruji would react in this particular situation. ‘What will he say? What will he think about us? What will happen?’. These were the questions running in our mind. Of course by that time I, personally had stopped  indulging in alcohol and smoking etc. All those habits just dropped on their own but yet the thought was ‘What would Guruji say or think about us?’

We were in a dilemma we were keen and eager to have Guruji with us and when he arrived, we immediately took him to our room which was via the living room where all the guests were there. We had closed the living room glass door, in such a way so as to ensure that he doesn’t see who was there and we could take him straight to our room.

He in his own casual fashion said – ‘I want to see your home and go around the house. While going around he went meeting everyone and finally came back and settled down in our room. One by one, all the guests came and met him in their drunk or semi drunk state, speaking anything and everything- whatever they felt like, and he was simply laughing with each and every person…enjoying the presence of each God in the room.

Yes, he could see Godliness in anyone and in any situation. That was his Greatness! He taught me how to remain free of judgement, no matter what! To him, there were no two categories – pious or unpious people. He was beyond judgement.

Imbibing this makes it possible for me to give a hearty smile and a loving hug to anybody I meet – be he a sweeper, a labourer, a peon or whoever. I do it on a regular basis.

Thank you Guruji!