E – Satsang with Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar

Today I am very happy to be with all of you. It is God’s grace that we are with you. Every day things are happening around me which I cannot account for. A few days ago, my Mooladhara chakra got connected to the Sahasrara. As a result on one moment I am on one side and suddenly I am on the other. Right now, everything is very, very nice.  Everything  is  improving.


I was feeling Baba’s presence   taking over and I started remembering Him. The day before yesterday, I got a very interesting message: “I don’t have to remember Baba. I have to simply go on doing my work, doing selfless service, making everyone happy.   To look after me, Baba is there.  He  said, “Don’t try to remember me, I will remember you. Don’t spend time trying to remember me. You do your work.”  When people are doing excellent work, especially for us, we remember them and  take care of them. Similarly, Baba is taking care of every-one. We are all just nobodies  serving everyone with  lots  of   love.


Baba comes and picks me up. I don’t have to remember Him. He said you don’t have to propagate me. You just do your work, that is the biggest  offering  to  the  world. 


After I felt a little better, I told  our children that so far I have lived my life for everyone. Now, I will   live for my family. Suddenly, all energy left me, until I realized He  is taking care of everyone and I am just a fool to live for this or  that family instead of living joyfully with  everyone.


Making the whole world more and more wonderful and joyful is  the  purpose  of  life. 


Now I got another insight: Now I don’t have to work for anything. Then you get caught  up in results. So,  just  enjoy  the  silence. 


Even with regards to food, we   were all into food, creating this and that, creating so much chaos. Now   I eat normal food that everyone  eats and some raw food and all  that extra work of making  this  and  that  is  now  over.


I used to eat separately. Since yesterday, we all sit together on the floor and eat. It is a most wonderful meal. 


So we are just silent and happy, a Peace Home / Ashram should be like that. It is just not a place of service  but  a  place  of  silence. 


When we go to the Ramana Maharishi Ashram or to Puttaparthi, the most important thing we experience is Silence. There is no end  to  accomplishment. 


Silence is everything. Being inwardly silent, outwardly serving happily: is what a Peace Home and a Peace Village is all about. 


Nothing brings people together like silence. It was a wonderful lesson for  all  of  us.


In Tirupati, there is loud silence. Everybody shouts Govinda, Govinda and they forget about themselves. If you go to Tirupati, you  just  get  caught  in  that  call  of   Govinda.


The first time I had a darshan of Krishna was in Jaipur, in a temple where Hare Rama, Hare Krishna is chanted continuously. I just happened to go inside. Suddenly, Krishna threw his light that was the first  time I had His darshan.


When we are not ready, then we cannot see Krishna. Yesterday, when I started feeling very confident and was thinking about Siddhant and Arundhati ma, suddenly I felt a distance between me and everyone around. I stopped smiling or doing namaskar and started wondering about money and such matters! Then I got the warning:   All the work we do is not for money,   it  is  purely  to  offer  Seva  joyfully.


God will take care of the rest. That  is the way I lived for so long but suddenly, I wondered. But Baba woke  me  up  very  fast.


It is as if I got my health back. I started seeing that hospital as a divine place for healing. I saw the nurses, doctors as dhanvantris lovingly, compassionately serving everyone. I realized I am in a heaven with  all  the  Gods  around  me.


I don’t know what I am going to do or what I am doing. Baba has given you back the old Guruji, without any purpose who simply loves everyone, being with everyone. 


Purposes are all very dangerous. When you are silent and in love, all purposes  are  served.


I am sure you are very happy with today’s Satsang and its great message from Baba. We don’t have to remember Baba, we don’t have to remember anybody. They  should remember us. God should remember us, seeing your very loving and beautiful work. So don’t waste time remembering God. Just see Him in everyone and serve Him.


I never had this message before. I thought I would never do one  more satsangh a week ago but that turned out to be untrue. Not because of my effort, but because  of His blessing! Now the message is: Don’t worry about trying to do anything.


Your seva and leadership are all   that are required. Simply welcome the grace and be with the grace.      If we make any mistake, He will come down. Just be loving, enjoying whatever  there  is.


What we give to the world is   our love, not our problems or our  interests.


I wanted to prove something. Now I realize when you try to prove anything to anybody, you get problems.


Similarly, the vision book has a   very, very important understanding. Please go through the statement    on vision posted in Facebook.  Share that knowledge with as many people  as  possible.


Let us all do seva, loving it and enjoying it. God will look after everything.


Our electronic book or actual book is on Amazon. Create a big demand so Amazon asks us for more and more  books  all  around  the world.


Now have a satsangh along with friends. Be together lovingly and let somebody lead it. That is the purpose of Satsang, not just being with Guruji but with many meditators, to create a Peace Home and a Peace Village around you. Now we will go into silence together. At home, be in silence  by yourself.


In satsang, we are in silence together to enlarge our love, to increase the  possibilities  in  our  lives.