Every moment
Every day went on meeting different Gods in different forms.
Most of the time I was offered …
Some time milk!
Some time tea!
Sometime lunch!
Sime time dinner !
some time breakfast!

Most of the gods stopped by the scooter,
by motorcycle and offered me lifts to the next destination!

Most of the time gods offered me places, and directed me to temples, places, where I could spend the night.

At Some place I forgot my charger, and one god offered to go back to get it and give it back to me!

One God offered me even an umbrella so that I don’t get wet!

The night offered me a space to delve into the beauty of calmness !

The sound of gods washing clothes, frogs hopping and enhancing the silence in me.

Sitting under the tree shade and the pleasant wind was another type of god.

Gods Gods Gods everywhere !
A super place to be in experiencing gods everywhere!
At every side and every corner.
Almost of them smiling and returning the smiles given to them by me.

Thank you.. to Guruji my biggest GOD who was with me all throughout!

Manoj Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)
Seeing Divinity in Every Being!