A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


At last God has descended 

Pouring himself through me 

I have been waiting and waiting 

At last he has shown himself 


He has always been there 

Only I couldn’t see 

He has always been here

Only I couldn’t feel 


He is there with you too 

All you do is open your eyes 

Remove all the dust 

And you have him with you 


It’s so easy

Just become a hallow bamboo 

And let him blow through you 

……Let him whistle through you 


Whenever it happens 

You become light like a feather 

Flying higher and higher


Whenever it happens

Time looses its significance 

Day and night looses its significance 

Sleep looses its significance 


All that remains is 



This is the experience of all great masters 

This is the experience of God 


(25/5/98  5am mumbai)