Many many years ago, in a certain country there was a young and famous painter. He once decided to create a truly great portrait full of joy of God, with a pair of eyes radiating eternal peace. He set out to discover a person whose picture would reflect the eternal ethereal light, He roamed from the village to village, from jungle to jungle in search of such a subject. At last he found a shepherd whose eyes gleamed, whose face and feature had an inkling of some celestial abode. A look at him was enough to convince that God was also in man. The artist made a portrait of his. Millions of copies of the portrait were sold far and wide. People felt grateful by hanging the picture on their wall.  


Then after a spell of twenty years, when the artist had grown old, he thought of making another masterpiece. He had experienced that life was not only goodness there was also Satan in man. The idea of depositing a picture of Satan persisted in him for, on fulfilling that only the two pictures, complementary to each other would make a complete man. He had made a picture of Godliness Now he wanted to portray Evil incarnate. 

He sought a man who should not be a man but a Satan. He went to gambling dens, bars and madhouse. The subject be full of hell’s fine, his face ought it to give indications of all. That is bad, ugly and sadistic. He should be a symbol of sin………. After a long search in a jail the artist met a prisoner. The man had committed seven murders and for that he was sentence to be hanged in a few days. Hell was evident in his eyes, They spouted hate. His face was the ugliest possible you could ever find. 

The artist began to picture him. After completion he bought his earlier picture and put it by the side of the new picture for contrast. It was very difficult to assess which was better from the artists viewpoint. Both were marvelous. He stood staring at both of them. 

Then he heard a sob. He turned and saw the prisoner chained and crying. The artist was bewildered. He asked, “My friend, why are you crying? How do these pictures disturb you? The prisoner said,’ I tried to hide the fact all these days but I have lost today. You perhaps do not know that the first picture is also of me Both are my portraits. I am the same shepherd you met twenty years ago in the hills. I cry for my down fall in the first twenty years‐from heaven to hell, from God to Satan. 

Everyone, everything in nature contains both the opposites. They are  inseparables. As a child, the absence of outer world,corruption, divinity, innocence is manifested. As one grows up‐the mind playing its manipulative games brings out the satanic qualities. Our life, world everything become a misery. The experience of true innocence, love, wonderland, however far it may appear is still not lost. Meditate is a way to get back to the divinity, liveliness peace and joy of child’s world. Let us meditate and create this bliss, and experience. this world as a play.  


MORAL : Meditation is the way to create bliss and experience this world as a play!