Excerpts from the book ‘Work Ethics’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


(At the inauguration of Narayan Nagar, Jivapara and Nakhatrana Talukas, Kutch. May 25, 2002) 

The day when the earthquake shattered the state, nobody had imagined that they would face such times.

There was nothing around except death. Even the strongest of people had lost hopes.

And yet, Gujarat has surprised the world by overcoming this shock within a very short period of one year.

The consistent and vigorous efforts of Gujarati people are seen everywhere, as if they’ve resolved to squirm the shock.

This is the strength of this land; this is the strength of her people. The inner strength shown by the people of Gujarat has been bestowed upon them by the society.

 Many a time, the youth, out of sheer frustration of thoughtlessly unemployment, blame the society for to unemployment.

They feel despite their good education they can’t earn money it is pointless to live in such a society.

We raise uproar if someone picks our pocket while travelling, and we grumble about the custom officer who asks for a kickback when we return from a foreign trip and we jump to the conclusion that whole of India is corrupt.

But the real strength of a society can be tested only by the behavior of its people during a crisis.

Humanitarians across the world have been shown the strength of Gujarati people in their hour of crisis. 

The fundamental essential character in every human being is virtuous.

A good background further develops this character and leads the person to good deeds. And when good character is combined with good deeds, one naturally gets blessed by God.

This fundamental character is inherent in all of us. Many saints are trying to mould to this fundamental character just like sculptors.

Under their guidance, the task of awakening the character of people is being essential carried out.

This will enable mankind to pulsate with goodness. I am sure that this might be the result of good deeds of previous births.

The good deeds didn’t bring the earthquake, but they led us to such saints who helped us to surpass the thorniest phase of our lives by holding our hands.

We all wish that they stand by us. They are giving a new shape to the lives of people; they are giving a new strength to society.

How wonderful it is, to do something for the poor and needy irrespective of the distinctions of caste and class.

These saints have assimilated all the ancient knowledge as well as accepted modern views and that is why they have the potential to bring about this change in the society.