Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji. 


Life is made up of pairs of opposites, like rest and activity, day and night, likes and dislikes, black and white, give and take, assets and liabilities, rich and poor, expansion and contraction  and  so  on… 


When rest is deep, activity can be very dynamic. Places with long nights will have long days too. As you grow rich, you will simultaneously start   feeling  much  more  poor. 


Most people spend their energy in being rich rather than in being poor. Most people want to take, rather than give. When you follow heavy traffic, you are certain to be strained. But to go against this heavy traffic is easy. 


To be free in this world, the wise man voluntarily chooses to be poor and uses as few things as possible. The wise will choose to voluntarily give away as much as they can rather than a mass things. Which way do you  travel?