Once it happened that a great king, Prasenjit, came to see Gautam Buddha. When he was sitting in front  of Buddha, a man who was one of the disciples, a sanyasin, came  touched  Buddha‘s feet,   and he said that  “I am going now  on a long journey to spread your message. Bless me”. 


Buddha looked at Prasenjit who said,   “I would like to become a sannyasin, but my old mother may feel hurt – she is too old.” 


Buddha said, “Look at this man. He has killed his father and mother both!” 


Prasenjit is very much disturbed: killed?  Father and Mother? And Buddha is appreciating the man! When the man left Prasenjit said,    “I don’t  understand! You praised that man and you said he killed his father and mother!” 


Buddha said, “Yes, psychologically. Not physically, but deep inside he had dropped the clinging with the father and the mother? ” 



Only when you drop the clinging not only to mother and father but to everything around you, then you will experience the freedom. You may have everything  physically, posseses everything, but unless the inner attachment dissolves, you will be in bondage. So meditate regularly and became stronger day by day.