There was a time when blacks were treated as slaves by the whites. Richard was a ten year old Negro boy. His parents were slaves. All his growing years Richard had seen that the blacks were not allowed to do what the whites did. He grew up with belief that what the whites did blacks cannot.  


One day Richard observed a gas balloon vender releasing a cluster of balloons into the air, which were red, blue and white in colour.  Seeing the white balloon go up, Richard approached the gas balloon vendor and enquired ,”uncle, you released the red, blue and white balloons and they all went up. Uncle, uncle, if you release a black balloon, will it go up?” Since Richard always believed what the white can the black cannot-his question was only understandable.  


The gas-balloon vender affectionately threw his arms around Richards shoulders and said, “It is not the outside of a balloon that takes it to the top, but it is the inside of the balloon that takes it to the top. And i want you to know it my son that all balloons are made of the same inside stuff. Whether the balloon is small or big, whether it is round or oval, whether it is white or black or red – all balloons are made up of the same inside stuff, and that inside stuff takes the balloon to the top”.  


That day Richard realised, every human being is made up of the same inside stuff,. Though born as a slave, Richard realised, he doesn’t have to live as a slave all his life.  


The god who created the Mahatma Gandhi, the mother Teresa and the Abdul Kalam is the same god who created you. If Gandhi, Teresa and Kalam can do it, you too can do it.  

After all you are made of the same inside stuff they are made of. You too can hit the top. In fact, you must hit the top.


We will help you to achieve the top. 


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