Excerpts from the book ‘The Key’


FUTURE:-  Highway as a timeline 


Now imagine that this highway represents the timeline of your life. The past, the present and the future are just the three dimensions of that timeline.


In reality, the future is fluid it is not fixed because our destination changes depending on the chosen road. Hence, we create our own future based on the choice we at make every moment.

Each one of us has our own time machine. Sometime we take ourselves back in the past, we call them memories. When we take ourselves forward, we call them dreams. It is actually like a matrix, when the target really depends on what action we take today and each action has a different result. So it is logical to say that the future really is a matrix of possibilities.


Whatever may, we are all travellers on this path. As we move ahead on the journey we come across choices at each point in our life, and we have to make decisions. This decision is critical to the path we pursue, since it eventually leads to the final outcome. The outcome is always the result of the decisions we have made at each point in our journey and that is how we create our future.


The future is first created in our mind, when we make up our mind to pursue our purpose or to create a better life for us. We first need to be completely convinced in our mind that we are going to reach there. There is no scope for doubts. The mind is really powerful. It is a magic wand which creates miracle if we use it in the right or positive way.


Our mind can also with a biggest hurdle we engage it in creating doubts and fears. All our emotions, such as fear, anger, guilt or regret are basically a play of our mind, but it is entirely possible to control them. Doubts and fears weaken intention, slowing down or eventually stopping progress. Know how to manage your emotions and not let them become road blocks.



Once we have a clear intention of our goals, then the next step is to act. This is the other half of the job. Just intention without action is like a car without a driver. It will not move! Without action, the idea of a better future will remain only in the imagination. Action has to follow the internet. Once the power of positive intention and the corresponding action combine, you can climb the highest peaks in life.



Always remember, the past does not equal the future. What has happened in the past by defaults may repeat itself in the future, only if you allow it to and if you do not make any proactive changes to stop it. Moving towards the future by looking at the past is like driving a vehicle by looking in the rear-view mirror.