The government bears the transport expenses to bring the workers to the Gram Haat.

The government also arranges for their accommodation and food.

We want to make the people below the poverty line earn their living on their own.

They should not depend on others.  If they have the talent, all they need is the market.

Their products will certainly sell in the market.  We wish to convey this to every artist in the villages.

We do not want to restrict ourselves to Surat or Baroda.

We want to start these Haats in every district, on petrol pumps, and on highways.

We plan to start these Haats in the places of pilgrimage like Somnath, Daakor, and Ambaji.

We want to start a market chain, where such products get good exposure.

We can always take help of advanced technology to increase the production if they get a market.

Currently, the artists do not use technology because it takes two years to sell things that take six months to make.

The artists would be encouraged to work more if they sell more.

They would want to use the advanced technology if there is demand for their products.

The State Government is not going to stop just by launching the Haats.

We are going to start the whole trade circle where the products made by these villagers are explored;  They become a part of the organized business and get financial help.

The artists will get access to the world market through websites.

We have tried to make the business plan for the same.

At present, in India even the big industrialists are not able to have their markets online.

We want to make this possible for the rural businessmen.  I appeal that everyone should visit this market.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can do window shopping, talk to workers about their work and experiences.

Your approach will encourage them.  At the same time, the government officials will also have to keep certain things in mind.

There needs to be a human touch to this business.

Moreover, there should also be a proper organized management of everything.

For example, the managers and volunteers should keep track of the festivals and should talk to the rural women fifteen days prior to the festival so that they can start making the festival items.  Only then, these women would have their exclusive festive sales in the market.

Apart from that one can bring innovations in the existing market also.

For example, if a stall of exclusive colorful umbrellas is set up in the Tarnetar Fair, every visitor will buy at least one umbrella.

Similarly, they can start making lamps, attractive candles and handmade greeting cards before Diwali.

It would be an advantage to both the seller and the buyer if things properly managed Every society has its temperament and some inherent traditional ideas spread in it.

The seller just has to get the knack of knowing the right time to sell the right thing, and his products will sell like hotcakes.

The colleges in Ahmedabad get hyper about celebrating different ‘days’.

Now whether it is right or not, is a debatable issue, but if the managers of the Gram Haat speak to the principals of the colleges regarding the schedule of the, ‘traditional day’ and supply the traditional outfits prior to the day ‘, students  will certainly buy from the Haat.

If understand how to connect sales management with the demand and production, the market will certainly be able to fulfill the needs and the demands of the customers in the real sense.

The workers of the Gram Haat would slowly get an idea about which market is fit for them.

They should be encouraged to explore the seasonal markets.

For example, in the season of pickles if they are persuaded, they would explore this market and gain many opportunities.

It is my dream to lead these small – scale rural workers from huts to haats.

Whenever I mention hut to haat and haat to heart, I am determined to reach the heart of the society.

I want to make the ‘Haat’ a vibrant one and ensure that these vibrations reach the rich aristocrat hearts of the society.

The Haat will lead these aristocrat people to the huts and there would be connection between all the classes.

I want to generate a fresh energy in the society.  It is a sacred act for me and a genuine help to those who want to earn their living.

It is neither a favor nor encouragement.  It is recognition of the work that they have done.

I wish to spread this message in all the Temples and Derasars from where it would reach most people.

I urge them to start visiting these haats so that they are not restricted to specific areas like Ellisbridge, Vasna or Karnavati but spread across Gujarat.