A short story which I just heard: 


There was a king who had four wives. The king always used to give everything the first queen wished for- gold jewellery, cars, bungalows, whatever she wished for was hers for asking. the second queen was very very beautiful so whenever the king used to go out he used to take her with him to show to the world that he has the most beautiful woman as his wife. But, He used to share everything with his third wife, all his secrets, his victories, his losses everything and he always used to ignore the fourth wife. 


It so happened that the king was about to die and the Vaidyas of the kingdom had given up hope and declared that the king would not live for more than a day. The king was very sad. He called his first wife to whom he had given everything she wished for all throughout the life and asked her ” will you come with me ” the queen replied – how can i come with you, once you are gone i will need someone to fulfill my wishes so i will look for some one else. He called his second wife and asked her the same and she replied : how can i come, once you are gone someone else will look after me and be my lord. The king very sadly called his third wife and asked her the same question and the third queen also gave the same reply saying that at the max i can come with you till the cemetry and till your pyre then i cannot come with you. The king was very sad and did not have the courage to ask teh fourth queen. But, looking at this the fourth queen came forward and said that Oh lord, i have taken you as my Lord and hence though you have ignored me throughout the life still i will jump into the pyre and come with you… 



Who are these four queens? the first is our body who on our death will look for another form and desert us . The second are the possessions we have, gold bungalows cars money power… which we always carry with us to show to the outside world. They will also desert us immediately on death. The third is our family, our dear and near ones who will come with us for the final rites to the cemetry and leave us from there. It is only the fourth one whom we have deserted throughout the life who will come with us and that is The God, The Guru who will come all along with us until we are liberated.