by GurujiRishiPrabhakar

I would like to categorically state that this book is a rare gem. It is the result of 23 years of sadhana of my dear disciple Amrut Vivek (Manoj Lekhi). No great work of art can manifest itself without a minimum of 24 years of inner and outer sadhana.

This book is the culmination of our interest in super performance by little toddlers, which was sparked by Dr Glenn Doman. The concept of ‘super performance’ included some great and remarkable feats: reading Shakespeare at three, playing Mozart at two and a half, speaking several languages by three etc.

Sincere thanks to Dr Doman for his contribution to child learning. The world of children has become so miraculously joyful because of his studies and insights.

This book, however, is a giant leap beyond Dr Glenn Doman’s work on super learning technology for children.

The most important part of the book is that which discusses the transformation of the parent and the family. What particularly strikes me are the explanations about how one’s child is one’s parent, or mentor, or Guru, and how so:

The child’s behaviour mirrors the atmosphere at home • and the parent’s way of being.7  

Outer transformation, i.e., the behaviour modification • of the child, comes from the inner transformation of the parents and the family. This inner transformation comes from the parents wanting to be role models for the desired behaviour of the child.

What also makes a dent are some of the methods of inner transformation as suggested here, which include:

Methods of distancing oneself from emotions such as • anger.

Methods of forgiving oneself and others, e.g., by talking • while the child is sleeping. This comes about through effortless truthfulness of the parent.

Methods for opening oneself to learning to be joyful • without any reason or condition, while playing with the child—things such as acting as if crazy, dancing with joy etc. which one can do only with a child.

I am grateful for this insight into joyful effortless super parenting. I am grateful for the reminder as to what a gift the child is to us . It is no more only about educating the super child, as in Glenn Doman’s work; it is about experiencing the immense gratitude for allowing us to be parents to these little gods, without whom we could not have stepped out of our serious destructive dispositions to become playful loveable angels on earth.8  

We are born on this planet to create and enjoy and take a step forward in the process of evolution. Evolution, itself, is but a joyful process of creation of something more beautiful and more intelligent than before.

A boy meets a girl to evolve to the next level of sharing the joy together through marriage. A child is the next progressive step in the ladder. The child has more evolutionary qualities than the parents.

By learning from the child, we, too, enjoy the same great joyfulness that is inherent in the child. My take is that this book will transform the world. Children will be valued as gods.

The present scenario is that a child is seen as an economic as well as effortful burden by many. Then there are others who see the child as an economic asset. These worldviews now stand transcended.

The perception of the child as joy incarnate, as the next generation guru and as the spirit of life itself is bound to dawn on all of humanity through this extraordinary work.

I am now able to rest happily in the knowledge that the mantle of Science of Sadhana for Effortless Joyful Living, which I have been carrying on my shoulders all these years, has been passed on successfully to the next generation.

My thanks to my gurus for sending me a true sadhak in Manoj who has practised what I have taught, to the last 9  word. May many great sadhaks be born through Manoj — my Alexander, the Great.


Jai Gurudev!

Rishi Prabhakar

Katarkhadak Ashram, Pune

18 July 201210