by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji


Everybody wants to feel and look good, nobody wants to feel bad. It is very easy to shift from feeling  not so good, to feeling very good. Anybody can do it. What is the process? I discovered it a very long  time ago.

If you ‘Look Forward’ to something nice that you like: you feel good. It could be as simple as: you go and have a good dosa, or a good pizza, or you visit a friend, or you invite a friend and that friend is coming.  This  is  very  simple, and nothing elaborate like the Prime Minister has to honor you, so you can feel good. If you simply ‘Look Forward’ to something, you feel nice. So, if  you can create ‘Looking Forward’ to something nice like a dosa, then whatever it may be, even a big problem, you will not be over shadowed  by  it.

Your boss may have said something that bothered you, or you  may have cancer, but when you  ‘Look Forward’ to a nice movie,  or a nice dosa, or a nice time, then   you start feeling good! No matter what insoluble problem you may have; when you ‘Look Forward’ to having  something  nice  in  your  life – you  feel  good. 

Once you understand this then you need not achieve big things.  You can reverse many conditions.

Your  State of Mind

Simply feeling good about something or ‘Looking Forward’  to something will change your state of mind from being depressed, unhappy, or not feeling good to – feeling good. Just create some small thing and ‘Look Forward’ to this wonderful  thing.

You may be married but may feel: I don’t have much to live with.  You may not be married, yet, you can ‘Look Forward’ to be married  to  the  most  wonderful   girl. 

All of life is anyway an imagination; whether it happens or not, is unimportant but ‘Looking Forward’   to be married to that woman, is in itself  is  an  extraordinary  elevation. 

Parlova  Experiment

Whether you get the dosa or no,  is not important. But you ‘Looking Forward’ to have a dosa, brings out the juices in your  mouth. 

This is called the parlova experiment. Whenever a bell rang, it indicated that the food was coming. This was done with dogs: as the   bell rang, they all started to get   saliva in their mouths. Whether the food came or not, it did not  matter. But the very expectation that ‘now  I am going to get nice food’, made the dog feel so good that  saliva  started  to  flow  out.