Father and World Map

The story goes…. a father had the habit of reading the newspaper at the end of the day. One of those evenings, his little daughter wanted to play with him, but he wanted to read the newspaper.


The father came up with an idea. In one of the last pages of the newspaper, the father saw a half page advertisement of a courier company with the world map printed into it.


He tore that portion of the newspaper into big enough pieces, scattered them all over the floor and told his daughter, “This is your jigsaw puzzle. Get the map right and then I will play with you.”


The father continued with his reading. Hardly five minutes later, the daughter screamed, “See! I have done it.”


Looking at the stunned expression on her father’s face she added, “Hey Appa! I know you are wondering how I managed it so fast. Appa, as you were tearing the paper into pieces I noticed the picture of a man on the other side of the paper.


Appa, I don’t know where is Greenland, where is New Zealand, where is Burma,etc.. but I know where the nose should be, where the forehead should be and where the chin must be. Appa, I got the man right  and the world became right.”