One of the most renowned sages in ancient India was Svetaketu. This is how he came by his wisdom. When he was no more than seven years of age , he was sent by his father to study the Vedas . By dint of application and intelligence , the lad outshone all his fellow students  till in time he was considered the greatest living expert on the scriptures and this when he was barely past his youth . 

On his return home , his father wished to test the ability of his  son . This is the question he put to him : “Have you learned that by learning what , there is no need to learn anything else ? Have you mastered that which cannot be taught ?” 

“No ‘’, said Svetaketu .  

“Then , “said his father , “what you have learnt in all these years is worthless, my son . “ 

 So impressed was Svetaketu by the truth of his father’s words that he set off to discover ‘through silence, the wisdom which cannot be expressed in words ‘. 

 When the pond dries up and the fish are lying in parched earth , to moisten them with one’s breath or damp them with spittle is no substitute for flinging them back into the lake . 

 Don’t enliven people with doctrine . Throw them back into ‘Reality‘.For the secret of life is to be found in life itself –not in doctrines about it . 


MORAL:  Mastery and Wisdom  are attained through reality of  life  and silence  and not just by reading doctrines .