Excerpts taken from the book ‘Clarity is Power’ by Gary H Karp.


Faith is that trust he will either walk with you or carry you through. 

Nothing that can enter you through your 5-senses can touch your faith, for your sense organs do not have access to your heart. 


Faith is the intelligence of the heart, while belief is the intelligence of the mind. The heart seeks of no proof. The mind is never satisfied with any amount of proof. The heart uses every experience to strengthen the roots of its faith. The mind uses every experience to weaken the very foundation of its belief. Faith grows with time. Belief weakens in time. True, not all can have faith in faith. Even truer than that is, none can completely believe his believe his beliefs. 

It is not the ‘object of faith’, but ‘faith’ that creates miracles. The object of faith is just incidental. It was ‘Abba’ to Jesus; it was ‘Jesus’ to Mather Teresa; it was ‘Drone’ to Ekalavya; it was ‘Ram’ to Hanuman, and it is ‘Hanuman’ to many of his devotees. Yet, all of them have experienced the miraculous power of faith in their lives, which confirms that it is not the ‘object of faith’, but it is the ‘faith in the object’ that creates miracles. 


However, man made a great error of judgement. Whenever he experienced the miraculous happenings that faith unfolded, he credited the results to his ‘object of faith’, not realising that it was his ‘faith in the object’ that was unfolding those miracles. Due to this error of judgement, he did everything from rituals, offerings and sacrifices to please his ‘object of faith’. He even changed his ‘object of faith’ periodically; from one form of God to another… he focused on everything but his very faith. It isn’t a question of how powerful your ‘God’ is… it’s a question of how powerful is your ‘faith’ in God. The power of the object of your faith is derived from the power of your faith in the object. 


A classic metaphor for faith is the little child who holds the finger of his parent to cross the road, and just moves along with the finger – stepping forward sometimes, stepping backward sometimes – but eventually crosses the road, still holding on to the finger. In faith, everything works. Without faith, nothing works. With no faith, you will know fear. When you know faith, there will be no fear. Faith and fear cannot coexist, like the profound English proverb iterates, “Fear knocked at the door and faith answered, ‘No one here’.” Let faith in and fear will get out. 

Choices are born out of human intelligence and consequences are born out of His intelligence. Faith is in knowing that His intelligence will prevail, always. Faith is in knowing that sometimes your plans will be upset, so that He can execute His plans for you, and His plans are always right for you. That’s why, in faith you don’t ask, “Why is this happening to me?” But you do ask with faith, “By putting me through all this, what are you preparing me for, my Lord? What is the bigger picture my Lord that I am not able to see yet?” The force that brings you to it will also bring you through it.