Aditya Sejpal

Experience: Amazing! ( in Realization ) Refueling , peaceful, deep sadhana , deeper understanding , brotherhood , being one wish nature & joy & teams of happiness & gratitude & sharing goods creations with fellow sadhana v.deep exp. Of narayan process.

Realization: Learnt application of the & laws feelings & their importance the connection between & mantras , gratitude ,feelings & being in (+) energy always & the way towards that. Nature walk being alone & peaceful with nature & life apparent harshness.

Sudhir Singhania

Experience: Thanks ‘ Excellent ’ can’t define in words.

Realization: Thanks in last 2 day my life, my thinking totally changed. Now I start new life from today only. What I got from here which is not counties in terms of money, it is beyond 100 cr.

Varsha Rane

Experience: I have throw out plenty of negativity from my mind and heart , so now experiencing a broad mind and open heart. Experiencing oneness with all people, animal, sky, the sun, the moon, the whole universe and sourball.

Realization: Realized to focus on good/positive point on every aspect, problem and challenges. Realized that god exists in the oneness. Realized low of attraction, creativity and allowance are highly powerful for self cleaning ( after application of the same ).

Mahendra karkera

Experience: Super duper, fantastic top of the world experience. Got my personal vision “ Spreading joy & laughter in every moment to you ”.

Realization: That 4 mantras are the ultimate things in this universe has given. How there last 2 mantras has pared by. Just waiting for the next camp. How the magic of thank you can do wonder by just shifting before my statements.