Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by Narendra Modiji.


In this hyper-competitive era of relentless pressure from all sides, it is easy to think that exams are a matter of life and death, and that failure is final. But exams are not about life and death. Do not get bogged down by any pressure, particularly the fear of failure.


Who can forget our erstwhile president Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam!


Do you know something interesting about him? He originally wanted to become a fighter pilot but narrowly missed the opportunity. Yet he did not remain perpetually dejected. Instead he become the great scientist we remember him as today. How different the Indian nuclear programme would be if it were not for him!


What does this instance illustrate? That one particular test or exam cannot define a person. Life is so much more than that


Setbacks, if any, must not deter you from pursuing your dreams. Life is about opportunities to reflect, learn and script new stories of success.


Exams are just one of the many important events in life, not the only one. Can one exam be the sole factor in determining one’s excellence and true potential? Certainly not.


Placing examinations in the larger context of life and not in absolute terms is the secret to burden-free and satisfying preparations.


Prepare, appear and do not fear failure.


Activity: write a letter addressed to your exam, stating why you are not scared of it.