by someone into being

Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.


Sometimes people will argue, “But Abraham, I am only telling you what is. I am only facing the reality of the situation.” And we say that you were taught to face reality before you know you’re creating reality… do not face reality unless it is reality you want to create- for any “reality” only exists because someone has focused it into being. 


Someone will say, “But this is a true thing, and therefore it deserves my attention.” And we say that you make whatever you give your attention to… your truth. and so it is extremely beneficial for you to focus primarily on the way you feel while giving only scant attention to the manifestations as they are unfolding for whenever you are giving your primary attention to think they are you are handling the expansion of what is. 


Unwanted things cannot jump

Into your Experience Uninvited


“But how is it possible that this little baby who has really gone very little about our physical world could be held responsible for the creation of its own life?” We want you to understand that this little one is very well prepared for it’s like in your environment because, like you, it was born with an Emotional Guidance System to help it find its way. 


Remember, your emotions are telling you everything you need to know about your connection to Source Energy: They are telling you how much source energy you are coming into response to your focused Desire and they are also telling you if you are, in this moment of thought and emotion, in vibration and alignment with your desire.