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Relationships! Relationships! Relationships!

Be “ONE” with Everyone! 


Have you noticed how one person can brighten up a room by just walking in and sometimes the very thought of someone stresses us out or raises our blood pressure? One person’s mention soothes our mind while the very mention of someone else grates on our nerves. Why is there such a stark difference in our relationship with different people? Why do we feel such a drastic change in our own temperament due to them?


We often unknowingly harbor blocks  within ourselves which do not allow our energy to flow freely through us. One of the most important and biggest blocks is – RELATIONSHIPS!  Relationships with parents, spouse, child, boss, neighbours, friends, relatives, colleagues, employees and many more.


Healthy and harmonious RELATIONSHIPS, being the most important factor influencing our emotional wellbeing. It is known that a discordant Relationship can have an adverse effect on health, can be a limiting obstacle in our Wealth and can cause a serious block in our Happiness and fulfillment.


At this workshop, we will understand “how” to strongly invest in our people-connections!

We will be equipped with empowerment tools to create a sense of compassion and caring in our RELATIONSHIPS. We will learn simple techniques that can be applied in real-time on “how” to create connections with people wherever you go nurture bonds with those you meet maintain long-lasting and meaningful inter-personal RELATIONSHIPS in your personal, professional and social life!


Let us experience soul-to-soul (Atma-Atma Sambandh) in each Relationship.

Let us manifest our Universal vision of CREATING OUR IDEAL WORLD of PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY!


To know more,  you may contact any of our below-mentioned coordinators

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