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Do you experience not having enough money?

Would you like to ‘EARN” money or ‘ATTRACT’ Money?

Do you feel once I have a lot of money, I’ll finally feel secure?

For most of us, the above is true. This means our awareness is not having enough money, and then we are asking for more money. This also states that our most vibrational match is to ‘not have enough money’. And the outcome which we pay is, unable to achieve our Financial Goals.

It’s all about how we look at life. It’s all about how we view money. The attraction of abundance in money comes only when we are in alignment with the universe.

Attend a 3 days residential workshop at Pune to get answers related to Money.

The Workshop is specially designed to explore and discover ourselves through our relationship with MONEY! It consists of sessions where you experience inner actualization leading to the invaluable outcome of MONEY, WEALTH and ABUNDANCE!

Lots of Practical tips will be given on ‘How you can attract Money’ rather than ‘Earn money’! Lots and Lots of abundance of wealth have been attracted by me, I am very eager to share all this with you! Enjoy creating money. Money is wonderful. Make it your friend.

Come and Experience the exponential growth in all areas of your life!

Benefits of this program :

* Re-define your relationship with MONEY

* Make MONEY your friend

* Attract immense WEALTH


* Transform restrictive thoughts about MONEY

* Freedom from compulsive “earning”

* Experience abundant inflow of WEALTH and happiness

* Cleanse your soul and create space for wonderful things to come your way

* Experience exponential growth in ALL areas of your life

* Live a life full of pure joy and ABUNDANCE!


To know more,  you may contact any of our below-mentioned coordinators

+91 9029980847 / +91 8655422770