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Come as a “COUPLE”, Go back as “ONE” !

What happens in this program?

It starts  with Re-Discovering Each Other  and then goes on to

Expressing to Each Other and then progresses to

Loving Each Other and finally

Being With Each Other.


It’s a 4 day RESIDENTIAL Workshop: ( Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues)

Celebrating Love!

Experiencing Togetherness!

Re-Kindling the spark of your Honeymoon!

Rejuvenating your joint energies!


Actually Marriage is a wonderful  journey between man and woman.

It can be FANTASTIC or HELL . . It is all about whether the understanding of the dynamics of a man and woman is clear or not to the couple.

This is very nicely brought about in this workshop and so a transformation automatically happens and one experiences The Magic of Marriage !

Prior Registration Madatory

For Program Brochure Click here

Investment : On Enquiry 83695 19255