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East and West!

…A Blend of the Best!!



Spiritual Mentor

●In the Eastern countries, people somehow feel the West is more 

beautiful and is more advanced in Science & Technology


● In the Western world, people yearn for Eastern wisdom.

 ● The East continues to grow within to discover “Who Am I?”

● Which is better? Which is more important?

● In fact both have their outstanding aspects and both

complement each other seamlessly


● Just as Man and Woman both are equally important,

  supporting each other to complete the circle of life


● Similarly, East and West complement each other

to make a complete whole


● Take the best from both and live the FULL ESSENCE OF LIFE!



How does one do this ?

East is East and West is West!

A blend of both creates the Best!


This Camp is tremendously beneficial for 

Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Corporate Managers, Students, Homemakers


When we get a bird’s-eye view of both worlds

DECISION making becomes quick, easy and effective.


We find answers to

 “What is our purpose?” and “What are our priorities?


Most helpful for those who wish to make DECISIONS

which elevate themselves.