Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.

The art of effortless, abundant living is Moksha.


* Sorrow and Happiness arise from your Avidya (ignorance) of Ahamkara-ego, identifying yourself falsely with entities like your body, your position  in society and ideology.


* Confusion of duty (Dharma) to close relatives arises because of mind’s  repeated attachments.


* Dharma is above Body-related-Family. Stand up boldly for Dharma, which  nourishes all.


* Realise your true Self as a source   of infinite possibilities (Sthithapra-gyna – established  in Self). 


Do not get stuck in narrow boundaries of Caste, Creed, Religion, Nationality,  or Philosophy.


* Follow your own Truth, which if followed by others will bring nourishment  for all.


* Action follows understanding. Don’t just imitate the action of others.  First understand.

* Understanding itself follows consciousness. Do not just repeat texts (Shastras), or pretend to follow them  with great effort.


* Instead, gain the state where such understanding and behaviour be-comes second nature to your ‘BEING’,  without effort.


* Sadhana only promises a higher consciousness  and understanding.


* Sadhana for an effortless, abundant life, lies in surrendering your Ego     at the altar of the Divine, and establishing yourself in Non-Doing (Akarma).


* The Divine shows itself magnifi-cently in, the Himalayas, the Ashwattha tree, the Mighty Ocean etc.


* In appreciating the Divine Magnificence, you will transcend your  Ego.

* There are six levels of Humans (or Varnas) according to their Sadhana – spiritual practice, surrenderfulness, or Consciousness. Everyone is born  an Asprushya.


* An Asprushya (untouchable) lives as a parasite on others and makes   no contribution to society.


* A Shudra cares only for himself   and his Ego. He works unwillingly.


* A Vaishya strives to ensure profit for  others first.


* A Kshatriya lives only for the welfare  of the community.


* A Brahmana lives as a universal being beyond community, seeing God in everyone and serving King and  thief alike.


* A Siddha lives beyond Natural Laws. Miracles happen around him.


* An Asprushya becomes a Shudra  by the force of culture.


* A Shudra elevates himself to the level of a Vaishya by realising ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ through Brahmopade-sam, and being in ‘Laya Samadhi’ for 15  minutes, thrice a day.


* A Vaishya elevates himself to the level of a Kshatriya by realizing ‘Tatvamasi’ (You  too are God) through ‘Nitya Sam-adhi’ (Samadhi while in normal activity). *. 


* A Kshatriya elevates himself to the level of a Brahmana by realising ‘Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma’, (the entire universe is divine) through Visishta  Samadhi of ‘Satya Vrata’ – the BST, Bhana Samadhi Training Program. 


* A Brahmana elevates himself to being a Siddha (Perfect Being) by realizing ‘Prajnam Brahma’, through ‘Avadhoota  Sadhana’.

* Everyone is born as an Asprushya (except Avataras). But everyone  can elevate oneself to becoming a Brahmana and a Siddha by Sadhana. Abandon your concern for worldly ways, do not worry about whether your action brings about merit or   sin and dedicate yourself, lock, stock and barrel, (Tana, Mana, Dhana) as an offering to the ‘Divine in everyone’.


* Serve a Sadguru, who is well versed, and learn this Sadhana of surrenderfulness.


* You will be instantly released   from all confusion, and all binding effects (Papas) of your actions, and you    will experience freedom (Moksha) in this life itself from NOW.