By  – Poojya Guruji – Shree Rishi Prabhakarji


Enlightenment means being in a state  of  ‘Not  Knowingness’.

When one is open to all possibilities and does not attach himself to his knowingness, – his past, this state   of being a zero all the time is  Enlightenment.


Being somebody is knowingness. When one attaches oneself to   one’s knowingness like engineering,   doctorate, or accountancy, one limits oneself. This identification with one’s knowingness is called Ahamkara – ego.


Normally, all of us are brainwashed into being a ‘Somebody,’ and we operate  from  this  ego  state.

To live and operate as a Nobody,  of actually who you are, is Enlightenment.


Nobody is born a Hindu, Muslim, Indian or American. Actually, we  are none of these. But we identify with them and operate in a way to   protect this somebodyness. This    is  the  ignorance  of  the  world.


To live in the world with no identifications, concepts of what you are or what others think of  you  is  Enlightenment.


To live as a ‘Nobody’ beyond   the Ego as a – Zero is – Enlightenment.