Is it true that ego can actually bring down a person? 

Whether ego brings down a person or not, it certainly brings down the peace of a person. The flip side of ego is that it craves for attention. Ego, for its survival, thrives on attention. The craving is to get noticed, the ego drives one to do anything and everything only to get noticed and recognized. It is a phase when good is good only when it gains attention; even bad is good if it can draw attention, and ironically, even good is bad if it fails to attract attention. But then, one must outgrow that phase of life; if not, the price you pay will be your peace.  

By its very nature, ego needs feeding; and hence it makes you a perpetual beggar. The problem with ego is that when ego is fed, you struggle out of superiority complex, and when ego is starved you suffer out of inferiority complex. Either way, it robs you of your peace of mind. The price ego asks of you to be your motivator is your peace of mind. Why would you sell your hair to buy a comb?  

Every moment is heavy, every situation is nerve-racking, every interaction is tense…. an ego-filled heart is always walking on fire. Never can there be a moment of marriage between ego and ease. Ego is never worth the losses. With ego, you are struggling all the time to win over the situation; you want to get the better of others. When you transcend ego, you just want to win over yourself; you want to make the most of you own potential. There is enormous freedom in letting your ego, go. A crow carrying a piece of meat in its beak found itself being chased by all other birds. It dropped the piece of meat, and all the birds went after the meat. Now, alone in the sky, the crow remarked, “In losing that piece of meat, I gained the freedom of the skies.” The piece of meat is ego. And, the freedom is your peace. When ego comes, everything else goes. When ego goes, everything else comes.  

‘I’ syndrome  

Any achievement of ours, big or small, should motivate us and inspire us to achieve more; but no achievement of ours should make us feel that ‘I’ am the only one who could have done it. This will only cripple us. Scope for improvement suffers when we think we have achieved it all and as a result of this achievement we are ahead of the rest. Aiming to surge ahead and be the number one in a chosen field is a very good sign of growth; but, in the process of becoming successful, if we feel that only we could have done this, then it closes all the gates for further growth. If we ever get this feeling, “I am the best in the world,” then we need to check on ourselves, for either our world is very small or we don’t know the world yet. ’Best’ is just an opinion and is highly subjective. What is the best for me might seem very ordinary to another person; the point of reference varies.  


It is foolish to think, “I am holier than thou.” People with this attitude are never open to suggestion. People with such a high-handed attitude distance themselves from others and over a period of time they are actually left with nobody around them.  


Let us drop this ‘I’attitude. When we say that our life is a gift from Him and that even this body does not belong to us, then where does the ‘I’ feature? Let us just drop this and it will only liberate us.