Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


Any process that helps you to move from, ‘Effort to Effortlessness’ is called sadhana. There are two kinds of effortlessness: conditional  and  unconditional.


An example of conditional effortlessness is driving. As you learn to drive, it becomes spontaneous and effortless and you can talk to a friend or change  gears  without  worry. 


What has happened is that ‘conscious effort has been brought down to effortlessness’. The knowledge of driving has been driven into the  sub-conscious mind and the conscious mind is no longer required to  act  on  it.  


Subconscious neuromuscular programming has taken place and your driving has changed and  become  effortless. 


So, by repeatedly practicing something, one becomes very good at it and can manage it effortlessly. But  at the same time, a person finds  great discomfort and effort  in other areas e.g. a Maharashtrian used to eating only his local food, will be uncomfortable if given food from another state, as his body is used to certain things. Such a person is not free even though he may function  effortlessly  in  many  areas.


So, conditional effortlessness has its limitations and boundaries. As a Maharashtrian, he feels free within that boundary, but outside it, given  a change  he  needs  effort . 


Most people are stuck in conditional effortlessness, which is our personality. Every repeated action leads to effortlessness, but conditions and limits you within  particular  boundaries.


Whereas unconditional effortlessness happens, not out of doing something, but from  Non-Doing.


As you enter Samadhi, you start breaking all boundaries from within and then automatically, you start breaking all boundaries outside.  You  become  very  flexible.


All our SSY students are fairly unusual creatures. They are more creative, understanding, able to change and adjust and they appear some-what crazy because anybody who changes is a crazy person. Anybody who keeps repeating the same thing  is  a  predictable  person.


Regarding any person who lives in unconditional effortlessness, one  cannot predict his behavior as he experiences a lot of freedom from within. This is reflected outside in  his  daily  life.


So repeatedly doing something, without the foundation of Non- Doing,  only creates a greater mess. Usually all actions are reactions to change in our conditioned boundaries. When one discovers unbounded happiness within through Non-Doing, then all actions blossom  naturally.

Total effortlessness free from   all conditioning is the key. Any struggle represents an untruth and transgression from the divine law of harmony: it is done only to protect one’s conditioning.


Effortlessness is the foundation for  all  aspects  of  life. 


For the first time after five   thousand years, the world has rediscovered Samadhi, not only as an understanding, but as a complete science, as a practice and as a procedure  in  sadhana.


This practice leads us to experience not only our “Effortless Being”, but also “Effortlessness in Action.” It springs forth    from inner  fullness  and  self  sufficiency.