Condensed From Talks by  Guruji Rishi Prabhakar


Today education is about earning a degree and resigning from learning.  Literacy is only for survival. 

We are highly educated, confused, stressed and fearful. We spend 21 years to work hard, earn a degree and find out that we do not know simple things in life. The most wonderful years of our life are spent in attaching prefixes and suffixes to our names but not in learning  to lead  a joyous life.  

This set me thinking about what is fundamental education? Is it only  to read and write or is to learn to be wise. Is it to earn a livelihood  or  life?  

All our definitions of education giving freedom, humility, joyousness etc are impossible without understanding and mastering the 5  fundamental  types  of  education. 


Akasha  Tatwa (Space) 

This is the first fundamental education which teaches you to sit quietly. Most of you are disturbed and attribute the cause of your disturbance to others like wife, boss,  economic  recession,  etc.  

You think that the solution lies in changing the other. The truth is that you cannot sit quietly within yourself.  

Today’s education does not teach this. We see more suicides among  PhDs. The more one is educated, the more he is frustrated. Even a child who fails in 10th or 12th or gets low marks contemplates suicide.  If an executive is fired he gets a     heart attack, but when a laborer is fired he simply finds himself  another  job.  

Akasha Tatwa education is to be free within so that the outside does  not  disturb  you.  

This is to sit quietly at least for 15 minutes, enjoying being in silence. This is the art and science of being undisturbed by outside circumstances. This starts with the Siddha Samadhi Yoga training. As you progress in this path, the duration of  being  in  silence  increases. 

If you can sit quietly for 2-3 days you will be able to see God in others and your mere presence and vibrations will settle disturbances. This is the subtlest training, being in freedom and silence. It takes 1-3 years to master this.  

You change from “an idle mind  is the devil’s workshop” to experiencing “a silent mind is God’s  play  house”. 

Concentration, memory and clarity are a natural result of being in  silence. 


Vayu  Tatwa  (Air) 

This is related to touch and skin. This is about how you enjoy outside and  how  you  touch  another  soul.  

Relating to others can be through body, mind, heart or soul  interaction.  

Many a times, it is seen that a husband and wife or two people somehow  just  get  along  with  each  other.  

Physical proximity without a soul relation is a shallow state. Once you touch another soul, friendship blossoms. Friends make life wonderful. You experience divinity in others and do not experience them as rakshasas. 

Without friends life is a burden.  Vayu Tatwa education is about how  to  develop  friends.  

This friendship education happens through Nitya Samadhi Sadhana.   

When you master the art of developing friends all you need to   go anywhere in the world is just a ticket. Friends will look after you. You have a home wherever  you go or, to put it better, you are at  home  wherever  you  go.  

The natural result of this is building a world of trust and joy. This security is one of the greatest gifts  to  anyone  in  this  world. 


Agni  Tatwa (Fire, light) 

The third fundamental education enables you to see how you can be useful wherever you are. You will gain the ability to make any place a wonderful  place.  

You participate in the space and make everyone happier than before. They will want you to be with them. You are invited everywhere. Guruji gets a free ticket as Guruji sees how to make himself totally useful. You need to be willing to learn and make yourself useful. This is entrepreneurship.  

Lakshmi will come to you. This  vidya is to experience prosperity  inside  and  outside.  

You will never be poor either with money or friends. You will learn to produce what  is  required. 


Jala  Tatwa (Water, Taste) 

This  vidya  is  about  excellence. 

This is about learning to make  things tasty. Highest quality assurance results out of this mastery. One learns to be 100% in everything. Just like the MTR products – highest quality attracts people to  them.  

You learn to make everything tasty and beautiful. You just do not build any building but build a Taj Mahal, not just a temple but Khajuraho or Belur Haleebeed. This is total quality management. People from all over the world will come to see  beautiful  things. 

A thing of beauty is a joy forever is not just a saying but you learn  to  create  it.  

All the 3Rs come under this. Base of the first three educations makes the best application of the 3Rs. Without the base, education creates disturbed individuals who do not experience joy or freedom. Unemployment  is  only  for  fools. 


Prithvi  Tatwa  (Earth, smell) 

This education is a training to convert the most obnoxious place into a heaven. This is about taking  up things which no one has the courage or love to do, like working with leprosy, AIDS patients and converting  them.  

Only a person with love, expertise, strength and courage like Baba Amte or Mother Teresa can turn a leprosy  colony  to  Anandvan.  

This is what everyone must aspire  to learn. The highest educated person is one who can make the least happy. Just learning the 3Rs makes you want to earn lots of money just for your indulgence.  The work of Gurukulams is to produce individuals with higher level of ability, responsibility, entrepreneurship, joy, sharing  and caring.  

The highest education is Prithvi Tatwa education. This can be taught by a Guru who has attained  mastery  of  each  level. 

It is my wish to see that education in India goes to the pre-British era where children were given education by wise Gurus.  

You are welcome to understand  and experience these educations being with Guruji. Feel free to reach your highest potential. You are born in this world to live a life of joy and celebrations. Visit  to  contact  Guruji.