By Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji


God has created all this drama, as a play. But obviously people don’t understand. Though it all appears very logical, invariably you will find out someone who does not want to understand. If everything is going perfect, there is no fun. 


Newspapers are all about this  drama and are an example of this: they print what should not be happening and to  create some scam and see what happens. Whatever you envision, don’t try to produce results so seriously that you forget  to  enjoy  playing  the  game  of  life.


 Play On

Even if you are definitely going to lose a game, play on. Instead of the loser giving up, the winner should give up. What is the fun?

Would Sunil Gavaskar like to play with a third rate player? Would a  good chess player like to play with person who makes mistakes from the  beginning?


The loser should fight to play on although the winner  gives  up. Then  you  win!