(Based on speeches given in various districts on the occasion of inauguration of Ambedkar Bhavan)


Babasaheb’s campaign for the upliftment of the Dalits had several key points.  One of them was the expression of one’s personality.  He dreams that every Dalit child should have a strong will, a healthy body, a good education, be full of self-confidence and have the strength to look the world in the eye.  The mere name of Dr.  Babasaheb Ambedkar brings a ripple of energy.  He was a great man and he belonged to the whole world.  Gujarat played a vital role in the life of Babasaheb.

He had received his higher education with the help of a scholar ship provided by the Maharaja of Vadodara and had later settled in Vadodara.

It is important to understand the con tribution of Sayajirao in social equality and harmony.  He was instrumental in bringing great men such as Maharshi Arvind to Vadodara and utilizing their capabilities for the welfare of the kingdom.

Dr.  Babasaheb was one of the, ‘Nav – Ratnas’ of the Vadodara court.

He arrived in Vadodara as part of the ad ministrative services but some bitter experiences there ignited the fire for the struggle towards equality.

This struggle led to Babasaheb being recognized as the savior of the deprived.  On Babasaheb’s Path It is true that we will have to tread on the path shown by Babasaheb if we want to achieve progress.  Buddhist tra dition and religion talk about, “Ap Divo Bhav” (Be the light yourself).  Babasa heb never allowed darkness near him in his entire life.

There is no other option except being enlightened oneself if we wish to achieve social development.  Light given by others is short – lived.  Only a life that is self – enlightened can take one on the path of light forever.

Babasaheb is the greatest inspiration for education.  We have never had to face the struggles which he faced as a student.  The troubles he endured would rarely befall anyone.  In spite of such adverse circumstances, he was able to reach the highest levels of education.  One of his qualities was that he never preached what he did not practice himself.

Till he attained education himself, he did not ask others to do so.  This is the correct way.  We should pledge to read about Babasaheb, and think over his lessons.  You will get a new direction for living your life and a new inspiration for overcoming your own difficulties from the life of this great person.  I had the good fortune to read and do research on Babasaheb.

I come from a marginalized family myself and hence I can empathize with the pain.  Babasaheb always fought for the truth, but there was no place for hatred in his life.  He wanted to join society, not fragment it.  He commented upon society, warned it, but never fragmented it.

His struggle for equality and harmony was lifelong.  Whether it was the issue of entry to the Kalaram Temple or making the water of the Chavadar Lake available to all, his programs were always oriented towards social unity.

These campaigns spurred from his great love for society.  A close examination of Babasaheb’s work will only reveal harmony;  his rage was only to wards attaining this harmony.  A Dedicated Life The intelligent usually earn a lot of money.  Only those who are obsessed with social welfare can give their all to society.  Our country has seen several presidents, many of whom we are not even able to recall.  However, every one remembers Mahatma Gandhi, who never contested any election or occu pied the office of President.

That was the time of such obsessed people.  Gandhiji was one such person who was ob sessed with the country.  He could have used his intelligence to earn money for himself, but he was obsessively dedicated to the nation.  Hence, he became immortal and also transferred his obsession onto many others.