(Based on speeches given in various districts on the occasion of inauguration of Ambedkar Bhavan)


Prince Siddharth had all that life could offer – A rich kingdom, a beautiful wife Yashodhara and a bonny child.  But he was obsessed and this obsession took him away from his royal life and led him to being worshiped as Lord Buddha.  Similarly, Babasaheb obtained his higher degrees of education from Eng land and could have achieved a high standing in life, but he abandoned it.  In spite of being a barrister, he ignored the riches that England had in store for him and decided to spend his entire life in the service of his countrymen.

This concern for the society over him self was his madness, which became the nectar of his life.  Babasaheb was the Law Minister in Pandit Nehru’s min istry, but the strong flow of concern for society made him resign from this post.

This sacrifice and dedication towards society can be seen only in the greatest of men.

The Duty of Today’s Generation  Babasaheb’s life provides a huge inspiration to be committed in life.  At a time when the entire ruling Congress Party was against Babasaheb and being an Ambedkarwadi was akin to being a criminal, there was a planned effort to ensure that people in India would not know about Babasaheb.  The Congress has methodically carried out injustice against two great men – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Dr.  Babasaheb Ambedkar.  The nation was not allowed to find out more about these great souls, who were strong and connected to the people and whose lives were entwined with the soil of the country.  Even today, there is a huge gap where these great men once stood.

They could have done even more for the country, but they were denied opportunities and several obstacles created in their paths.  They had the ability to recognize the pulse of the nation and work for its welfare.  By not utilizing this ability to its fullest extent, a huge injustice has been done to these great men as well as so anxiety at large.

Today, when the truth has emerged, we only have ourselves to blame.

I Am What You Are Hindu society has been ever – evolving and fighting against the evils that it has had to face.  Untouchability and caste distinctions are evils that every one will have to fight with a strong determination.  My jobs and slight im provements in financial position will not change the whole scenario.  There will have to be a feeling of belonging.  The same God that resides in you also resides in me.  You are me and I am you.  It is time to go back to these teach ings from our scriptures.

When I greet someone, it means that I am greeting the God residing in him.  This God also resides in me.

The concept of, ‘namaste is part of our tradition.  Hence, we need to change all the bitterness and hatred in society and fight against the evils.

The Feeling of Belonging Does anyone ask a postman delivering letters in the harsh sun if he would like to have a glass of water?  Do we ever ask about his health if he does not show up for two days?  If a collector is absent for some days, there is a tide of concern about his health.

We need to change our behavior towards lower class people in society.  Do we ever ask our maidservant about her son’s studies and celebrate his results?  Should we not feel like celebrating the good results of the child of a poor woman who serves us by cleaning our homes?  Let us celebrate April 14 in order to change our viewpoint towards society.

Only if we are able to inculcate a feeling of belongingness and truly believe that God resides in all of us, will we get the strength to create a divine environment of equality and harmony.