When on a raw juice diet some juices can be drunk every 3-4 hours.

One can thus take juices 5-6 times a day. One can start with 2 pints and go upto 8 pints a day.

The juice diet can continue upto 30-40 days without tiny ill-effects.

But adequate rest should be ensured during this period and it should be under medical supervision and advise.

JuicesĀ  start eliminating toxins from the body at a very high rate.

Very often the patient may experience symptoms like pain, nausea, headache, bad-breathe, diarrhoea, sleeplessness etc.

These symptoms need not cause alarm and should not be suppressed by drugs.

On the contrary these are an indication that the waste matter in the body is being loosened from the body and the cleansing and healing process is well on its way.

The toxins have been accumulated over years and cannot disappear in a day.

After the juice diet, the return to normal balanced diet should be very gradual.

In the beginning, two juice meals can be replaced with fruits.

Then gradually (deĀ­pending on the duration of the fruit juice diet) vegetables, grains and nuts can be introduced in the diet.

As a general rule for maintaining good health certain factors in diet are most important.

The daily diet needs to be simple and well- balanced, comprising

i) Fruit juices or fruits

ii) plenty of raw and cooked vegetables

iii) nuts, seeds, grains, legumes.

For optimum health non-vegetarian foods, and products made of white flour (maida), polished rice, preserves, white-sugar are best avoided.

Apart from diet regular pranayama, exercise yogasanas, meditation are very beneficial in the treatment of all ailments, and in maintaining good health.


Frooty Appetizer

2 medium size beetroots

1 ripe guava

1 ripe pear

2 apples

1 small papaya

2 glasses water (chilled)

Honey and lime to taste

Cut guava and remove seeds.

Cut rest of the fruits and beetroot and put everything in a blender.

Add water, honey and lime and serve immediately.