Do you want a 7 Star Life or a Million Star Life? – Manoj Lekhi

Do you want a 7 Star Life or a Million Star Life? – Manoj Lekhi
You must have or may not have noticed  precisely,  as we go to a higher star hotel, the lobby is higher and higher & higher.

The Ceiling of a 5 star lobby is even higher than the 3 star. The ceiling of 7 stars even higher than the 5 stars.

When you enter into a 7 stars, you feel wow feeling.

What is the difference between all these Hotels?

The real differences, as far the lobby goes, is the space, so we basically can conclude the more the heights and more space.

The same goes for the inner world.

Let us look at the inner world. The more space you have inwards,
the more richer you feel, more stars you earn of yourself.

The inner world has no limitations, it doesn’t end with 3 stars, 5 stars or 7 stars.
It can go into billions of stars.
The more you spend in your self consciousness within, the more you can include others in your life..
Facilitator : Manoj J Lekhi

Disciple of Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji

Author, Educationist, Inspirational Speaker, Guide in Spiritual Principles & Human Values, Coach in Human Potential Development.
Manojji is an inspirational expert, teacher and author in multiple areas – child development, education, consciousness, management and leadership development.

He specializes in the ‘inside out’ approach to life which is about transforming oneself within and thereby experiencing abundance inside and out.

He has developed several workshops and programs which apply the ancient Rishi culture and Wisdom to down-to-earth practical challenges of the modern world in the areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships.
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