Do you get Disturbed?

By Manoj J Lekhi

I have been travelling since last 25 years, and I might have stayed with about 500 odd different families of loving mediators, and am just penning down some of my observations.

I have noticed that people get disturbed for various things …

if it s too hot they get disturbed, 

if it is too cold they get disturbed ,

if it is raining too heavily they get disturbed.

if it is not raining, they get disturbed.

Now just take a PAUSE FOR A MINUTE, and think about all the times you have got disturbed in the past one week, one month, a year or two.


It’s not like I don’t get disturbed. I also get disturbed but the best part is I have learnt to look at it in a different way.

Whenever I get disturbed I have learned to see it as a message from the universe to me. Immediately I am thankful to this existence for giving me an opportunity to grow in my silence, love, compassion.

Almost all the disturbances in the world can be categorized in these areas MONEY, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS.

Disturbance is nothing but a barometer for ourselves to show that we have gone out of alignment of the universal laws. Observe how Nature behaves !It is always loving, forgiving and giving unconditional love to all of us. It is we who have taken it for granted, so we get disturbed.

We must thank the universe whenever we get disturbed that it has given us a chance, to be in gratitude for this beautiful cosmic magical play.