Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Seeing or knowing about something is good but it is incomplete. Experiencing it is altogether different, for it gives a sense of completeness. Looking at a beautiful picture of a river is one thing, but to truly know its beauty, you need to step into the waters and experience it.


Whenever you have an opportunity, seize it and explore the world around you. Make your life about new experiences. Go and travel in the general compartment of a train for twenty-four hours without a reservation. Instead of where you usually play, go to a different playground and engage with a new set of people.


Venture out and understand the problems being faced by common citizens. And then evaluate your life and challenges in that light.


Go out and work with an organization involved in community service. There’s nothing more joyful and fulfilling than the satisfaction that comes from serving others and making a positive difference in society. It will ignite a spirit of service and compassion in you.


Step out of your comfort zone. Do things differently and do different things. Surprise yourself. In the process, you will get to know yourself. Spend some time in pursuit of the things you could not do because of the exams. 


Pursue a new hobby like learning a musical instrument, a language or sport.


During exams, you lived to learn… Now go out and learn to live.


Throw yourself at life, it is the best teacher!


Activity I: Describe interesting experiences in which you stepped out of your comfort zone and learnt from life.