Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


Paid-Worker/Profit seeking Entrepreneur

  1. Does only what he has been paid to do.
  2. Job is specified as also working  time.
  3. Unconcerned about final result.
  4. Moving towards more comfort and  habituated limitation.
  5. Projects even small accomplishments as a big  deal.
  6. When disturbed, takes his disturbances as bad Karma and continues with his work. This turns into blood pressure, stress and disease.
  7.           Does what is told to do; Concerned About improving skills to make work effortless.
  8. Concerned about himself.
  9. Goal oriented. Concerned about getting There  (any path is okay).
  10.         Makes himself  important.

I I. Possessions  are important.

  1. Has  to search  for a job.
  2. Finds 100 reasons for not getting the work done.



  1. Open  to anything; depends  on requirement. 
  2. Willing to learn and do whatever is required and gets it done. 
  3. Concerned  about the final  result. 
  4. Moving towards (within) Brahman.
  5. After big accomplishments he feels more Humble that such a  great responsibility has been invested upon him through Guru’s kindness.
  6. When disturbed, has  the Freedom to go into  Silence and learns to deal  with his disturbance.
  7. Concerned  about improving  – Working Methods and  the environment. Concerned  about living – more and more Effortlessly.
  8. Concerned about making life beautiful for all. 
  9. Concerned about the path to get there. Path and Goal  are the same. 
  10.         Makes work important. 
  11.         Non – possessiveness is important. 
  12.         Finds a job to do wherever he is and makes himself useful. 
  13.         Finds a 100  ways to get the  work done.