Nobody was able to recognize the hypocrisy of deception of  Dhrutarashtra. 


On one occasion Dhrutarashtra after weeping profusely over the death of his sons suddenly showed affection for Bhim. He showed the desire to embrace him. People felt that after the death of his sons, this old man had undergone towards his nephew which he had for his sons. But Shri Krishna immediately understood the evil intention of  Dhrutarashtra. Instead of asking Bhim to go upto Dhrutarashtra (Who was blind), Shri Krishna forwarded an iron statue to Dhrutarashtra. 


People who were sitting around felt that it was improper of Shri Krishna to have played such a trick on blind Dhrutarashtra. They felt that he was treating everyone in a light – hearted manner, and did not care for the feelings of others. Dhrutarashtra embraced that statue thinking he was embracing Bhim, so hard that the statue was shattered into pieces.  


The people who were present soon realized the far – sightendness of Shri Krishna. It is difficult to say as to what would have happened to Bhim if he would have gone personally. 


After this incident Shri Krishna said: “People Should be able to recognise the difference between true love and pretence.’ 

At least the devotees of Shri Krishna should be able to do so.  







Krishna great insight.  

                  We always misunderstand by actions.