There is a narration of an incident in Ashwamedhic Chapter of the Mahabharat. 

Ashwatthama, out of great anger and jealousy, and expressed his intention to release his Brahmastra to kill Parikshit, an unborn child, in the womb of Uttara.  


It was not possible for anybody to offer resistance to his Brahmastra. Parikshit was to be the only surviving descendant of the Pandavas. Uttara became very nervous and had lost control over herself. 

At this crisis, Lord Krishna himself hurriedly went up to Uttara and promised her full protection. Lord Krishna who was the great master of politics and statesmanship made a solemn affirmation. This affirmation of Lord Krishna is: 


“Throughout my life I have never spoke untruth. Even in jest I have not spoken untruth. I have never left the battlefield because of a possibility of being defeated in battle. If all this is true, let this child in the womb of Uttara be alive again and may it live.” 


How great must be the power of truth of this affirmation that the laws of nature were reversed and the child in the womb which had already died regained life and was born alive. This is the manifestation of the power of complete truth. 


One would find this affirmation ridiculous if looked at certain instances of his life from the common place worldly point of view. Lord Krishna who fearlessly says that he has not spoken any untruth even in jest, is found on various occasions, not only himself speaking untruth as commonly understood, but has also inspired others to do so. 



Lord Krishna made Yudhishthira, the very embodiment of Dharma, to speak a falsehood, in order to defeat a great warrior like Drona. Lord Krishna told Yudhishthira “ If you want to save the destruction of Pandavas’ army you will have to speak a lie.” He made him say that ‘Ashwatthama was dead. “Yudhishthira later said (either a human being or an elephant) Thus Yudhishthira, who was being worshipped as a very embodiment of Dharma had to utter untrue words. There are several such incidents in Lord Krishna’s life. 


Message:- Krishna truthfulness 

       Beyond understanding by intellect.