Creating Heaven on Earth!

Beautiful Visions, Wonderful World!


Imagine every citizen of the globe, living in joy and togetherness!
Imagine every human, sharing all that he has!
Imagine all people, reaching out to help each other grow!
Imagine our children playing, laughing, running, dancing amidst vibrant, boundless nature!
Imagine global harmony and peace resides in every corner of the earth!
Imagine a healthy, happy, abundant world!
Imagine the world as One!


Why only imagine?
Let us make it happen!


Each one of us holds dreams and visions which we aspire to transform into reality.
This is one of the most important and powerful camps to convert inner visions to outer life, systematically and effortlessly.
We will identify, reconstruct, restructure, develop and create our Visions, Aspirations and Goals in a methodical manner, leading to their effective manifestation.


we will look within to:

  • Learn the Science of classifying and specifying our Visions in all areas of our life – Physical, Emotional, Professional, Personal and others.
  • Identify our 1, 3, 6, 12 and 21 year goals
  • Understand the mechanics of converting our aspirations into reality.
  • Create our own magical world by shifting from passive creation to active creation.
  • Explore our inner potential to be a Parent of the World!


Come, let us together CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH !

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