By Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar

Just by thinking you will not   become a Brahmana*. You have to  do a lot of exercise to become a Brahmana. In SSY, we give  you the practice (sadhana) for elevating you to be a Brahmana. To be a Brahmana we give you some exercises  to  start  with. *(Going towards God)

The  first  process  is  meditation.

What we guide you to practice is  a very deep meditation, in which you feel relaxed and all your problems disappear. The more you meditate the  more  relaxed you  will  become.

Second, what  do  you  have  to  do?

Start producing places where everybody gets food. So who can  set that up? Only a Brahmana can  set it up. Only a Brahmana can get everybody together and start establishing  Annaprasad  Kshetras.

We, as SSY teachers, have no problem in setting Annaprasad Kshetras.

We have the ability to convert people from a Shudra to a higher level of consciousness. So, people will automatically start contributing. Many people will tell you that this will create more lazy people and many such things.

So now. we have brought out a pamphlet, which describes Annaprasad Kthetras. These will be distributed door to door. It is very easy lo produce Annaprasad Kshe-tras. We have already produced hundreds of them. Only you can produce Annaprasad Kshetras. Vaishya’s have a lot of money but only a person who can bring everybody  together can  make  this  happen.

Another thing that we have to do is to go into our own silence. What  we do is that we take village by village and set up the Annaprasad Kshetras  in  the  local  temple.

This is a national project, which we have undertaken. An Annaprasad Kshetra is where the whole com-munity  comes  and  eats  together.

For that you have to become a real Brahmana. With knowledge you have to really come up to that   level.

To set it up we take the pamphlets and go to invite the people, who then go to the local temple and   start bhajans and then invite others too, and start the Annaprasad Kshetras with  the  seniors  of  the  village.

When you take up four villages, for one and a half months, you will come to know the procedure to set up  the  Annaprasad  Kshetras.

We have done this for the last 25 years. Wherever you sit and where ever you go, see that everybody  gets food and shelter. Where ever you put your feet, people should get food and shelter. Only then you become  a  very  valuable  person.

As a child, it was my desire that ‘wherever l go people must have food and shelter’. I used to dream like this, and now my dream has started to come true. All of you are in a better position, you should be able to do a hundred times better than  what  I  have  done.

All of you can take up one   village and I will give you the Brahmana  degree.