Excerpts from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


I was actively doing business for 14 years (from age 18 to age 32). I was a manufacturer, retailer and exporter of readymade fashion garments. For the first seven years in the business, I was extremely fearful of the other entities in the same field of business as mine.


All the time, my mind would be occupied with thoughts and ideas about how to beat the others in the same field, how to win over the customers and how to be ahead of my competitors.


After my chance stint at completing the SSY programme, in 1989, the real transformation started taking place in me from within. It took me three years of going regularly to the AMC’s (4 days of Silence) and BST’s (4 days of living the Power of Truth) to understand and to realize that what I was facing outwardly was a reflection of what I was inside. This dramatically shifted my perception of and disposition towards all the people who were in the same field of business as mine (the competitors).


The word ‘competitor’ itself disappeared, but it did take about three years for this to happen. This was such a dramatic shift in my life; suddenly, I was feeling very relaxed, and I experienced tremendous amounts of freedom.


In 2007, I started the Pi (Professional Insights) Program. In this Entrepreneur Development Program, I have come across hundreds of businessmen who are in the same boat as I was in, fearful of their competitors. I always explain to them that the word ‘competitor’ is itself an illusion. It is our insecurity inside which forms our perception of the people outside. When I delved deep into silence again and again, through the advanced programmes, this insecurity dissolved totally.


The more we fear others, the more the fear increases. The more we put energy into the fear of others overtaking us, beating us or going ahead of us, the more it manifests itself in the form of constant trepidation. This comes out of a sense of insecurity within that ‘there isn’t enough.’


‘There isn’t enough’ is an overwhelming feeling of insecurity which most people in the world live with. It is only the journey that takes one deep into silence that will result in tremendous love for others, which further results in great fulfillment of the being. Once the being is fulfilled, the word ‘competition’ itself disappears.


There are no competitors, only co-players. Everyone becomes just another player in the same game. I teach people an affirmation, which says, ‘All the people in the same field as mine are just other players in the game.’ If one really lives with a strong belief in this, he/she will feel tremendously relaxed and happy. Why fear anyone? The world is so huge. If you live in abundance, then competition ceases to exist. Competition is for people who are insecure and scared about their life.


The whole world is yours. The resources in the world are unlimited. Why fear anyone? In fact, when the names of your competitors come to your mind, just close your eyes and wish them well, and bless them that their business prospers and they expand. This way you are sending them vibrations of more wealth. Whatever you give is what comes back to you. So, if you have wished them wealth, you will attract more and more wealth in your life.


Many entrepreneurs I meet ask me the question, “How is it possible? If you are in a business, you better fear your competitors. You need to beat them.” I always say to them, “If you go deep into your own self, into your silence, then the fear of life and the fear of others disappear. This is the real moksha (freedom).”


Achieve moksha (freedom) as regards the affairs of the material world, and you can grow your business a hundred fold EFFORTLESSLY. Till the time the fear exists, you may grow but there is tremendous pressure, tremendous tension. What is the point? I keep on sharing my insights

with Nina (my wife), and I am very happy to say that she has implemented all this and has reaped the results, too; her business has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, just by her living in abundance, knowing that the word ‘competition’ does not exist. Focus not on others but on your strengths. (Her case can be studied in Section IV page 115)


When you start putting energy on others, regardless of whether they are doing better or not, or whether they are ahead of you or behind you, your focus is getting fixed on ‘glass being half empty.’ You are not focusing on your own strengths. Rather, you are focusing on other people’s strengths, which finally become your weakness.


Focus on what you have and not on what others have. Focus on what you want to do and not on what others are doing. Focus on what you want to be and not on what others are. This way, your chosen profession will grow a hundred fold EFFORTLESSLY.