You are your own best competitor.


Is it not more joyful to solve a question or a problem you weren’t able to earlier, than to solve one your classmate could not? See yourself as your own competitor instead of competing with others. Focus on enhancing your own knowledge. The key to success lies in excellence. And excellence can be achieved by expanding your own capacity until you reach your true potential.


When you are preparing,  focus on your improvement areas. Ask yourself questions like:


  • Do I need to work on my vocabulary?
  • Am I able to solve maths problems faster than I could before?
  • How can I improve my concentration?



Do you know of the famous athlete Sergey Bubka? I had mentioned him during one of the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programmes. He kept bettering his own world record for the men’s pole vault not once, not twice, but a record thirty-five times!


When you compete with others, there are three possible outcomes. You are better, or worse, or equal to the other person.


  • If you are better, you might become overconfident.
  • If you are worse, you might get frustrated.
  • And in case you are equal, you might not feel the urgency to improve.



Temporary competition may damage friendships permanently. Competing with yourself makes you better.