Learn to remember names. Inefficiency at this point may indicate that your interest is not   

sufficiently outgoing 


Be a comfortable person so there is no strain in being with you. Be an old-shoe ,old-hat kind of  individual. 


Acquire the quality of relaxed easy-going so that things do not ruffle you. 


Don’t be egotistical. Guard against the impression that you know it all. 


Cultivate the quality of being interesting so people will get something of value from their 

 association  with you. 


Study to the ‘scratchy ’ elements out of your personality, even those of which you may be  



Sincerely attempt to heal, on an honest Christian basis, every mis-understanding you have had or now have. Drain off your grievances. 


Practise liking people until you learn to do so genuinely. 


Never miss an opportunity to say a word of congratulation upon anyone’s achievement, or 

Express sympathy in sorrow or disappointment.