Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.


What is the value of commitment? 

Why  should  one be committed? 


Commitment  and Dharma: 


Basically you are what you are committed  to. 


You are known by your Commit-ment. For example: A person goes  to work as an accountant every day. Then he is identified as an accountant. A person may know accounting better than this person, but he is committed to stock broking. Then he is called a stock broker,  etc.


Basically, everyone is committed to something or the other. Life does not seem to run without commitment.


Some are committed to a thing because of fear. A father may be committed to the family, because    of the fear of what others will do and think if he does not care for the family. Most people are com-mitted to their dharma (of what is expected  of them).


A commitment makes the world work with some certainty. 


Mostly, buses and trains come on about time. Precision may vary according to the culture. More precise the time, more advanced is that civilization  or person.


Why then is this question on commitment?


The question arises because mostly nobody likes to be committed and get bound by their commitment. They like the freedom in non-commitment.


Knowing your commitment makes other people’s life more free. They can plan with you and    be reasonably sure that you will play the game of life with them.

Commitments are a burden to people who follow their Dharma  out of fear. 


It is these people who ask the question, “Why I should be committed”? The real question they are asking is “Why should I get entangled with  commitments?”