Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.


Let us look at another aspect of Commitment: Commitment is  the driving force for persistent action. The spirit that ‘I will get it done at any cost’ makes most important things happen in the  world.


A person who keeps his word and commitment at any cost will be trusted  and honoured. 


Those who are afraid of commit-ments never progress. Ordinary people honour commitments that are normally expected of them even if it gives some pain to keep it up.


Only the visionary takes up a challenge beyond. The unusual challenge makes them learn  new things. They enjoy this new learning. In fact, a person who enjoys learning willingly takes  up challenges, which are gate-ways for excitement in life. They are ready to face criticism from the  status quo people.


A person who does not try some-thing new is a confirmed failure.    His life is a boring monotony and a programmed Karma. They curse the status quo, but yet curse the person  trying to bring change. 


Their life is full of curses and they pray to God to liberate them from the  cycle of birth and death.


Those who enjoy the challenges of life, pray to God to give them many life times to continue  what they are doing. They take all kinds of risks and live as if this is the last moment in life. They are already with God and death  does not bother them.


People who live as if dharma and commitments are imposed on them blame KARMA and live miserably. They are happy after they complete their Dharma or commitment. Such people, who are donkeys, feel that they will be free after their daughter gets married, after their son gets      a job etc.


People who enjoy larger com-mitments live in Moksha or FREEDOM. They enjoy the challenge and also its completion. Larger commitments are truly   windows for life’s current. ~