Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.


For Whom Does   Enlightenment Exist? 


Ashtavakra explains that Enlighten-ment is for the laziest person, who refuses to even open and close his eyes. The person who realizes the effortfulness of even closing and opening his eyes, that person has  got it. But, unfortunately everybody is trying to do something to be enlightened, that is the whole problem.


We teach you the easiest method. The easiest method is to – ‘Do Nothing’. And you still want to go and do something somewhere.


Is  Silence  Understood? 


When there is silence, nobody understands silence, they want something to be said. When you are invited to the Ashram, to come and be silent, you ask, “What silence? Tell us something and we will come”.


When you are here-there is enough silence and for you to Experience that – is  very important. 


We do not train you to be great people in talking about Vedanta, or something in Sanskrit, which you need to understand and pass onto people who do not know Sanskrit.


But after having dissected every-thing, you are in silence – that     is what is very important. 


For you to come once in a month,   or two months to an AMC, Advance Meditation Course is very import-ant. You do not get that opportunity at home. But, once you get this silence that you get here, it is an amazing  transition.


If you really get this Silence -You can jump; you can jump the whole  Karmic Bondage – fully. 


 Going Beyond Commitment 


Until some months ago, I too was stuck with commitments. Now, I  am able to state that – I do not have any commitments.


Whatever that comes, is my com-mitment. Whatever I live from, that is my commitment. You have no obligation to me, I have no obligation  to you.


But to declare this requires courage, to say this and – ‘Really, truly within one’s Self know   that no one has any obligation to you and you do not have any obligation to anyone’. 


Now, nobody can tell you anything, you are not caught with any person, now you can go anywhere, come anywhere, you are wanted every-where and you are needed no-where. This happened to me a few months ago, when I was holding  onto SSY. Now, I find that going beyond this commitment has given me a new insight. As long as we were trying to hold onto SSY – it was not spreading easily, because internally our Karmic bondage, our commitment was holding onto it. Once that went away, now, it is spreading very easily, and it will spread  very easily.


Once you go beyond, you are Free, Light and unbounded, and you operate from a new stand.