Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.


So far, we have understood the value of Commitment. But is there any-thing beyond Commitment? 

Here Poojya Guruji, gives clarity of what it is to go beyond the confines of  Commitment. – Editor


Commitment – a Barter 


Whenever there is a commitment, there is a barter. Barter means  trade, I give you this you give me that. Most of the world, I would   say 99.99% of the world rests on barter only. There are people who commit and do not do what they  are supposed to do and cheat. These people will not survive for too long, because they get a bad  name.


If you do not keep up to your commitment you cannot live in the world. So you need a commitment that you live by. You have a commitment and you follow it. You keep your word at any cost, that works. This is one level of teaching.


Bhishma was truly bound by his previous commitment to the throne of Hastinapur; he was obligated by his  previous commitment.


Previous  Commitments 


Like Bhishma, most people run   their life based on their previous commitments. But Krishna, is not bound by any commitment. He feels he can cheat, he also knows when   to cheat. So Krishna has done everything. Yet, he is really great.


If you take this in a literal sense,        it can take you to a wrong under-standing. 


In this transacted barter, people complain that I am a good person;     I did my share, but what if the other person does not participate fully!


This previous commitment, is a   kind of bondage and we are so caught up in it that it is very difficult  to get out.


As soon as you go home after the Silence Programs, the bondage starts. You get back, you lock into that system of, you do this, and I     do this – the barter system.


So here, at the Ashram in AMC, we have a chance to live above this.    We grant you, that you do not have to do anything. But, you can-not understand this. You say, “How can I be without doing anything, please give me something to do.” You feel obligated that when you  are here you must do something. Hence, we ask you to throw some stones there, or dig something and you are all happy that we have come here and done some seva service. This is an interesting phenomenon, of how you get obligated and get caught up in it.


The Courage to Live Beyond 


It requires a lot of courage to live beyond these obligations. As soon  as you shift over to this non-committed state, the first thing that you receive is  persecution. Now, you suddenly become an avadhuta (free from bondages). The first thing that will happen is  people around you who are sup-porting you, be-cause they are being supported, will remind you of your obligations.


They remind you that you must   look after them, because it is your Dharma. They insist that you must break whatever it is you are doing and care for them as the whole  world does.


So, unless you are prepared to be persecuted, the next jump is not possible. You will be obligated to   the obligation.


Here too, we do things not because you have to get something out of     it, and not because you have given your word. You do it really joyfully because you want to do it, hence, you  do it.


      Karma  and Commitment


To live beyond commitment requires tremendous courage. Then you are free. As long as you are bound   by your commitment you are also bound by Karma.


Guru’s Ashraya and Family Ashraya


People know only about this barter system of commitment. That is why they seek the company  of great people.


What is the difference between a Guru’s Ashraya and a family’s Ashraya? In the family Ashraya   there is always an expectation, that you must do this and you must do that.


So far, you are run by worldly obligations and understandings. In the Guru’s Ashraya it is a second birth, where you transcend worldly obligations. What do you have to  do? 


‘Nothing  you have to  do’. 


Whatever you do is only a seva /service, without any expectation that it   must be done or not done. 


In every Ashram you will find some lazy bums, actually they are not    lazy bums, they are preparing to be Gurus; so right now they look like lazy bums. When the caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis, he  lays in rest for a long time before he turns into a beautiful butterfly.


Some people take undue advantage and remain really lazy. It is one    thing to not do anything out of understanding. It is quite another to not do anything because of discomfort. A husband can also be your Guru; your wife can also be your  Guru.