Procrastination has become the most dreadful of psychological disease that is swallowing the potential of humanity. The sooner one realises the ill effects of it, the better. Our procrastination may not hurt us too much in the initial stages, but what one will be deprived of the long run is huge. This may be better explained with following metaphor. 


There are only two options in life. Either ignore the small things to achieve higher goals or subordinate the bigger goals to small things. 


You cannot desire east and go west. It takes what it takes to be healthy and fit. Unless you are tough on yourself life will not be easy on you. If you want to be a pathfinder you must dare to be a path breaker. Risk 

Survey show that 56% of women and 43% of men are not satisfied with their looks.  

No wonder, this desperation to look beautiful has made the beauty industry a multi-million dollar industry. 

How much ever you may clean the outside of a bottle, if the inside of the bottle is dirty the bottle will still be dirty. 


If you are good from within, your face will reflect the mesmerising state of goodness. Seek the outer beauty that will be a reflection of your inner beauty. External beauty fades with time and inner beauty blossoms with time. Outer beauty is an ‘ageing phenomenon’ and inner beauty is a ‘growing phenomenon. 

Instead of lipstick, try speaking words of kindness to everybody and see how attractive your lips become. Develop the beauty of your eyes by seeing only good in people. Improve your hearing by listening to good music. Sharpen your tongue by reciting scriptures and sharing your learning with others. Maintain a healthy heart by loving everyone without discrimination. Keep your nose clean by smelling fragrant flowers. Strengthens your arms and shoulders by hugging at least five people every day. Clean your mind by forgiving both yourself and others. Work on your legs by reaching out to others in need. 

A good farmer will tell you, if you take care of the roots, the tree will take care of itself. Take care of your within and your without will reflect your within. True beauty is snot seen; it is felt. 


The difference between ordinary people who remain ordinary and those ordinary people who turn themselves into extraordinary ones is the way they deal with the failures and setbacks in life. The extraordinary ones refused to remain fallen. They refused to quit. The refused to give up. They refused to accept a ‘No’ from life. Their greatest glory was not in never falling but in rising every time they fell. Rather than focussing on their failures, they continue to focus on their goals. 


Our examination – oriented education system has made us afraid failures. To fail without putting in the efforts may be wrong, but failure in itself can never be wrong. Fear of failure will not allow you to come out of your comfort zone. No new venture guarantees success and no new diversification promises profits. Champions understand that it is better to face outstanding failures than mediocre successes. Dare to fail, for only those who fail enough can succeed enough. If you have not failed enough it means you have not tried enough, and if you have not tried enough then how will you succeed enough? Failure is parenthesis inside which success hides and history makers dig them out through relentless striving. Life cannot be punctuated with success alone; failure too will find its imprints. There is no sunrise without sunset. Brave the rain and experience the rainbow. 


Failure is not a result, but a feedback. 

Whenever you are knocked down, bounce back, learn a lesson, forget the beating and move forward. Use setbacks to propel you forward. Salvage something from every setback. Failure is only a state of mind and nothing more. When a winner losses, he always comes back to be a better winner. So replace your ‘fear of failure’ with a ‘desire to gain’ and move on with your life. 

To do anything worthwhile with your life , you must conquer fear. To live is to live fearlessly. Fear stops man. Nothing stops man has fear does. Fear is a major self-hurdle. It is ferthat confines man to his comfort zones and stops him from expanding beyond his comfort zones.  

You won’t speak in public because you fear facing people. You won’t venture into something new because you fear failure. You won’t develop friends outside your department because you fear rejection. You won’t take responsibilities at work because you fear performance. You won’t try the untried because you fear being laughed at. You won’t be outspoken because you fear being misunderstanding. 

Fear of facing people will hinder your progress, as there is no life without people. Fear of failure will keep you in your comfort zone and make you repeat the same stuff an entire lifetime. More than any other single factor the fear of failure will make you a failure. If you fear failure and rejection you will never take any initiative. If you fear being laughed at, then you will live with herd mentality.  You will do what everybody does. If you fear of being mistaken, you will never speak your heart out. In the name of diplomacy you will become very manipulative and suppressive. You will be hesitate to speak the truth. 

Fear in all forms must be overcome. Understand the mechanism of fear. It is not because you fear you avoid things. It is because you avoid things it becomes fear. The more you avoid meeting your CEO the more you will fear your CEO.  

That which you do not face controls you. That which controls you causes fear in you. And fear incapacitates you. 

Simple steps to overcome fear:- 

Every now and then, identify one of your fears and take a decision go ahead and face it. Repeatedly face what you fear and fear will be vanquished. Do the very thing you fear. Expect to be afraid, but still do it. Courage is the ability to go ahead in spite of fear. So go ahead, and face fear fearlessly. Whether it is your dada or mom or teacher or senior or a stranger, ‘Respect Everybody and Fear Nobody “ 

Never do anything that you think you will have to hide from others. When you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to avoid. When you have nothing to avoid, you have nothing to hide. And, when there is nothing to avoid and nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear. And you are not ready to face a situation because you do not have the courage to be honest. The blessing of honesty is that it develops in you the courage to face any situation. 

I repeat, to live is to live fearlessly. 

Having planted the seed, on the verge of sprouting if you unearth the seed, the seed will be dead. Similarly, when a man becomes conscious of his potential and yet does not find the field of expression for his potential, he walks around dead in spirit. Unless you have a vision for tomorrow, you will find neither strength nor power in your today. Days end with inexplicable emptiness. Man is born to transcend. Man is born for growth. Along with the process of evolution, from your lower to the higher self, the meaning of growth too evolves.